Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Does Abigail Look Like???

I have always been terrible at deciding which parent a baby looks most like...

Having Abigail, I thought I would be better at this guessing game...but I won't lie - I'm still terrible.  Maybe it's because she's only 5 days old, but I still can't figure out who she looks like...Mommy or Daddy...or is she a little bit of both?  People who haven't met her yet keep asking me and I'd like to have a better answer than "I really have no idea." 

Since I can't decide, I thought I'd post a picture of Abigail as a Newborn...Mommy as a newborn...and Daddy as a newborn...

So let's have some fun with this...who does Abigail look most like?  Mommy, Daddy or both?  (and sorry...these are the best pics I could find of Mommy and Daddy that were already on my computer!)

Abigail - 5 Days (aka - Newborn Status)
Mommy as a Newborn
Daddy as a Newborn


  1. Daddy's nose, Momma's mouth and chin, and I think Daddy's eyes? That one is hard to tell since Momma's eyes are so wide open in that photo.

    Either way she's 100% Abigail which is 100% gorgeous.

  2. I learned in a cultural anthropology class in college that newborn babies more often than not look like the father in order to help them bond. As mothers, we (most of us) bond instantly with our child because of the experience of childbirth (which is also why a lot of c-section mommas take longer to "connect" with their babies). As the child grows, they begin to take on their own appearance, one that is uniquely theirs. My daughter came out looking exactly like my husband, and a year later still does! She has so many of my personality traits, though.

    I think Miss Abigail is absolutely beautiful! She definitely has your nose and mouth, and daddy's round head. Oooh those cheeks!! Good job momma! She's perfect :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I think Daddy for sure!

  4. From the pics it looks like, Trav's eye's, your mouth and both your noses!

  5. Before looking at your baby pictures, if I was forced to say who Abigail looks like, I'd say she looks like your hubby.
    After seeing your guys' baby pics I have definitely say she's daddy ALL THE WAY!

  6. This is so fun - thanks for all the feedback everyone!!! :)