Friday, January 7, 2011

The Bump Report: Week 37

No bump pictures this week. 

I apologize. 

But I have been on my death bead (aka - the couch...and that's also a bit of an exaggeration because I'm not actually dying, I'm just very sick).  

To be honest, the thought of standing up to get a picture of my belly taken is not high on my list of priorities...I'm using ALL the energy I do have to work from home, respond to emails, and suck on cough drops (which are doctor approved during pregnancy). 

Fun fact?   

I haven't been sick in nearly 3 years (I measure this on how long I've been with Travis - I literally have not been sick...until now...since I met him).  Why now?  Who knows...but it's not fun...and poor little Abigail is probably wondering what on earth Mommy is doing each time I cough or sneeze.  

All I'm praying for is that I heal up nice and quick over the weekend - which, of course, just happens to be our Babymoon weekend...another reason why this is a great time to be sick - but I want nothing more than to be 100% healthy when this little bundle of joy arrives.

But enough about being sick!!!

Our Doctor's appointment on Wednesday was great - Abby is ~6.5 pounds and I'm already 1.5 cm dilated - exciting stuff!  My body is preparing for the big day!!!  

Abigail is also the size of a Watermelon now...growing more and more every day! 

And since I don't have a bump report pic for you this week, I'll include this one...a special one of me and my baby girl...

Thanks for all the healthy thoughts!!!

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