Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Preparing for the Poop (Machine)

It’s been over 2 months since Ali ‘asked’ me to write the 7x7xDaddy perspective for her blog, and while I admit I've been procrastinating, I think I have every right to be a bit nervous considering the act I have to follow.  I mean seriously, how interesting, educational and well written has every one of Ali’s posts been?  (the answer is VERY)  She’s the writer in the family…not me. 

Anyway, 2 months and 48 requests from Ali later, I figured what better way to ring in 2011 than with my first blog…ever.

“Necessary” Preparation for Parenthood
 Since we found out Ali was pregnant, I’ve been asked a number of things from my friends and family.  By far the most asked question is whether I’m nervous or scared about being a parent - the short answer is ‘Hell NO’.  As you’ve probably read on Ali’s blog (and most likely gathered from her personality), we are freaking organized and ready for this kid to come out.  While I admit I haven’t been through a tenth of what 7x7xMommy has been through, getting ready for the baby has taken some time.  Let me list just a few of the things we’ve done to prep for this little critter:

Doctor Appointments
These are a given, but from the first appointment when we saw the little spec on the ultrasound that was our baby, to the last few which have confirmed that Abby is growing at a “normal” pace, these appointments have actually been very exciting.

Baby Books
I think we have a total of 10 baby books in our library, and while we haven’t read any of them cover to cover, I did thoroughly enjoy the book we were given by Ali’s parents, The Baby’s Owner’s Manual by Louis Borgenicht M.D. and Joe Borgenicht D.A.D.
Child Birth Preparation Classes
We took them…all three of them: Child-birth Prep, Newborn Prep and Breastfeeding (did you know the global average age that women breast feed is 3.5 years??).  While I wasn’t happy spending 8 hours on a Saturday for the first class, we walked out of all three feeling more comfortable about the entire birthing process.  Highly recommend that all new parents out there take these.

Stretch Mark Prevention
I won’t get into what this entailed…but go buy a bottle of Mother’s Special Blend

Nursery Set-Up
Crib (check), Changing table (check), dirty diaper pail (check), stroller (check), twelve different pandas (check), 94 different pink outfits (check), pink polka dotted sheets and matching canopy above the crib…really?? (check)

Baby Shower Registration
We spent lots (and by lots, I mean TOO MUCH) of time online at,, and  We made MULTIPLE in person visits to Giggle, Lullaby Lane, Babies-R-Us, Sprout, among other stores here in San Francisco.  I guess what I took away from this is that it seems like I’m in the wrong business.  There are so many gadgets, gizmos, bottles and diaper rash creams that you need to buy for these little devils, it’s ridiculous.

Push Present
Given our recent marriage in March, engagement nine months before that (see engagement ring and two wedding bands); the thought of Ali getting another diamond was out of the question.  Can anyone say ‘spoiled’??  However, thanks to some pressure from Ali’s boss and a few others…and the fact she’s spent the last nine (9) months carrying our little bundle of joy, I guess maybe she deserves it.  Just so you know, Ali was given her ‘Push’ present before she's done any actual're welcome!

Hospital Walk Through
This was actually very educational and I don’t have anything else to say except, thanks CPMC. 

Watch the Movie ‘Babies’
This was highly recommended to us by both grandparents, and I’m actually thinking we should have watched this first (maybe it would have settled Ali’s nerves about this whole process).  For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s a quick summary: the movie profiles four babies from birth that were born in different geographic and socio-economic statuses.  The moral of the movie is that with a lot of love and support from their families, no matter how much of the “necessary” preparation was done, all four of them turned out okay.

In all seriousness, being a Daddy-to-be has been an amazing process and I don’t feel like I would have “earned” the baby if I hadn’t put in the work ahead of time. 

Before I wrap this up, I want to summarize two quick conversations I had with two different people about where I am in my life right now.  The first is a conversation I had with one of my best friend’s Lee Morrison (who lives in Portland and I don’t get to see enough).  Out of nowhere, he decided to tell me that out of the 20 years that we’ve known each other he hasn’t ever seen or heard me be as happy as I am right now (very touching Leemo, thanks).  The second story took place after Ali’s baby shower last weekend, when I was having a conversation with her Aunt Cathy (who is a new grandmother of two beautiful twin girls).  As we were wrapping up the conversation, she wanted to let me know that she watched as I entered the room, made eye contact with Ali, and walked over to see her.  She could tell in those few moments that I seemed very happy. 

Now, I’m not sure what it is exactly, but in reflecting back on 2010 and the joys that came to me, I would agree with both Lee and Cathy’s assessment.  I have the most beautiful and amazing wife (she is an absolutely gorgeous pregnant woman), we are both in good health, we have loving families and friends, and to top it all off, we have a baby on the way!!  Yay!

Thanks for listening, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak, Ali.  A big congrats to all the new parents out there along with the parents-to-be.  I’d like to send a special shout out to a few people:

Congratulations to my best friend Andy and his wife Lisa on having their second beautiful baby, Lucca Bella

Congratulations to my co-worker, Chris and his wife for their second baby, Ryder

Best of luck to my co-worker, Ted and his wife.  They are due in Mid January with their 1st baby (a girl)

Best of luck to my co-worker, Tom, and his wife.  They are due late January with their 3rd baby (a girl) 



  1. Beautifully written 7x7Daddy!
    You two are going to be awesome parents to Abby :)
    Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  2. When you write a blog post...

  3. Awww, is this your friend Alice :) who is getting married?

  4. haha, yep Mom - that would be the one and only Alice!!! :)

  5. Biggun -

    1. It's obvious your Mom made you take a writing class at summer know what I'm talking about.

    2. I stopped reading after the second sentence and came straight to the comment box. Just wait until you are in the delivery room and Abi is placed in your arms. I guarantee you will be scared and nervous...but so happy and proud too.

    Congrats and best of luck to you both