Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Bump Report: Week 38

I feel like a broken record in saying this, but it's hard to believe little miss Abigail is due TWO WEEKS from today...we are SO excited! 

According to The Bump, she's still the size of a Watermelon and she's already in position to make her big debut - we didn't learn anything new at our appointment this week but the Doctor did say, "I have a feeling we'll be seeing you next week!"  AKA - you're not going into labor any time soon...

But that's good - we want her to cook in my belly as long as possible (well, up until her due date that is - then we'd like for her to come out!).

Here are a couple pictures and if you missed yesterday's very special post, go see what 7x7xDaddy had to say {CLICK HERE}!!!

PS - the initials should be self explanitory, but they're my arts and crafts project for the week...they were originally white and now they're obviously black...soon, however, they'll have pink polka dots - wish me luck!

Week 38
Week 38


  1. Hello! I know your best friend's wedding is coming up. If Abigail is still cooking next week let me know. I can still give you some information about hospitals around here (LA/SoCal area). Hope all is well! You look great!

  2. It is indeed coming up! I'm waiting to hear what my doc thinks on Wednesday, but if I get the green light, I will most definitely be looking to you for some recommendations! Thank you SOOOO much! :)