Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13: Something I Want to Buy


I want to buy a HOUSE! 

There's absolutely nothing I want more...I want to be a homeowner!  

And not that I'm picky or anything...but I want it to be white with black shutters and I want it to have a red front door...I want a big backyard with beautiful green grass, tall (climbable) trees for the kids and dog...a giant kitchen painted a pale yellow with a huge island in the middle for baking and cooking...a master bathroom with a his and hers sink (something I've always wanted)...walking distance to restaurants and shops...it'll be big enough to fit everyone, but not so big that cleaning it would become a weekly nightmare (or require a maid)...and a few other things...but really, something simple...

It can be a fixer-upper because fixing-upping (if you will) sounds like an exciting challenge to us...it just needs to be OURS. 

Our Home.  That we Own. 

And someday...we'll have it...I feel it in my bones!!!

There's nothing wrong with dreaming big, right?


  1. I'd also love to own our house one of these days. Renting is easy and can be very convenient but I would love to know we own the place we live in. I'm sure it'll happen for you (and me!) one day! And in the meantime looking through interior design books and dreaming is always fun!

  2. I'm a home owner of sorts, in that I own an apartment rather than a house (or at least I will once my mortgage is paid off in what feels like a million years). My apartment feels homely, but because I consider it a stop gap until I upgrade to a house, it's not really a home. Does that make sense?!

  3. Totally makes sense...though you're still ahead of the game, for sure!!! :)

  4. I know just the spot for y'all to own a home :)

  5. There's nothing wrong with dreaming. This is the only thing we have that is FREE.

    I used to dream like you about owning a home. Last year, I applied for a housing loan and got approved. We have moved to our new home last July.