Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Cherish

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I have the best Little Momma in the entire world (and yes, I'm aware I'm biased).  She's loving, generous, wise and extremely thoughtful. 

Last weekend before we went to the Stanford Football game, we spent the afternoon with my parents and my Mom surprised me with a completely unexpected gift.  Before opening the box, I read her sweet note:


A little gift just for you. (crazy smiley face)

I cherish you!

You cherish Abigail!

This gift is in honor of our cherishing (crazy smiley face)!

Also - baby - Bump blog!

Love Ya dearly!

Few things to note here...

1. First of all, I wish I could draw my Mom's smiley faces on this Blog - they look like little crazy floating heads with giant dumbo ears and spiky hair to boot (if you've ever received a note from her - family - I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about).  

2. Secondly, you've gotta love the fact that she mentioned my Blog IN her note...that's her ever so subtle way of giving me material to work with. Thanks, Mom!

3. And finally, you probably noticed her repeated use of the word "Cherish"

Why Cherish?  Well, because inside the gift-wrapped box was this beautiful figurine - Cherish: Awaiting a Miracle

Such a beautiful, thoughtful, and powerful gift...the gift of Cherishing.  (The woman even looks kind of like me...I just need to wrap myself in a long, white sheet to pull off the look)

Anyway, our figurine is now sitting happily in our living room as a constant reminder of what it will mean to Cherish little Abigail.  As defined here, "To Cherish" means "to treat with tenderness and affection; to nurture with care; to protect and aid."  It sounds like a great start to the perfect definition of what it means to be a wonderful Parent.

Friends, Family and Fellow Bloggers, what are some other words and definitions you associate with quality Parenting?

Thanks again, Little Momma!  And just in case you couldn't tell, I Cherish YOU as well!


  1. I love LOVE love Willow Tree products. The Promise figurine was our cake topper for our wedding.

    Family to me means Agape. Its a Greek word that has been translated into English for "Love" and is often used within the Christian faith to mean unconditional love.

  2. Awwww, you are too sweet 7x7xMommy!

  3. Hubby and I have a similar figurine from the same company for our wedding day. Been wanting to put that on one of my blogs. I think I will next week.

    Now that I am home with my daughter, I am seriously considering quiting my job and staying home with her full time. It means sacrificing a decent income, but someone once told me "love grows in small places". That "small place" would be the little townhouse we can barely afford :O)