Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Cravings: Caprese Salad

I am having a very, very hard time at the gym these days...

There's something about growing a baby and gaining weight that has made the whole 'working out every day' thing quite difficult.  And as of this past week, there's been a new development...

I wake up every morning feeling like I ran a marathon in my sleep. 

Since I'm fairly certain that's not the case (though how awesome would that be?), I've just had to accept the fact that my legs feel like they're 100 pounds each and like my hamstrings and quads are all about to snap if I bend over too fast to pick something up off the ground.

But it's just another adjustment.  And in the spirit of adjustments (and in the spirit of listening to my body - something that does not come naturally to me), today I skipped the gym and went on a 3 mile walk with my husband instead. 

And let me tell you - it was GLORIOUS! 

Not only was the weather amazing (amazing for San Francisco, so everything's relative - imagine 65 degrees and partially sunny), but we ran across an awesome Farmer's Market at Fort Mason.  And in doing that, we discovered today's Sunday Craving...

An amazingly fresh, melt in your mouth, Caprese Salad.

After cruising around the entire Market, we settled on one stand with the largest, most colorful and yummiest looking tomatoes to be found.  To top it off, the woman helping us out was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and generous (giving us an extra tomato "just to try"). 

We walked away with three different types of Heirloom tomatoes and a lovely bunch of basil (neither of us could stop smelling the bag on the way home) we just need to go back next weekend to thank our new friend and find out her name!

Here are a few pics of our adventure...all I have to say is that I think I could get used to skipping the gym on a more regular basis!

At the Palace of Fine Arts

Walking through Fort Mason with our yummy Caprese Salad makings!

The goods (minus the Mozzarella)

I wish I had a picture of the final product, but the one we took did this treat no justice...just imagine the most amazing Caprese Salad you've ever tasted...this could definitely become a regular Sunday Craving!


  1. Hey I have been there. Looks like a beautiful day. Hahaha! Craving is part of pregnancy - the good part.

  2. Ali, Tired...oh so tired that is what I remember the first 5 months of pregnancy. However, when I got to the fifth month I felt great (loved 5 through 7 1/2). I never got real morning sickness...just tired. It will pass! Sounds like you are doing great....and eating so healthy for baby and you. Yay! What a gorgeous day it was to walk in SF...great pics. Love to all three of you!
    Aunt Jess

  3. It was such a beautiful day in the City!

    And Aunt Jess, I have great days and I have not-so-great days...for the most part though, I can't complain because this pregnancy has been pretty darn smooth! :)