Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Bump Report: Week 19

Welcome to The Bump Report!

So far, the only people receiving regular reports on my baby bump have been my immediate family and Travis' immediate family...but now that I have a blog about being a Mommy, I suppose this would be an appropriate topic to share with my readers: the progression of the bump (and let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy watching the progression of a pregnant woman's belly!?!). 

Every Thursday I receive one of my favorite emails of the week...Your Belly: Week __ from The Bump. Being a first time Mom, it's always fun to read what size my baby is from week to week...whether it's a grape, a naval orange, or a sweet potato.  

Today I learned that baby Abigail is the size of a mango...yum!  I! I also get to learn fun (and sometimes gross) facts.  Here is today's fun fact: "Vernix caseosa, a greasy white substance made of lanugo, oil, and dead skin cells (yum) now coats baby's skin, shielding it from the amniotic fluid."  Kind of gross, but totally cool. 

In addition to receiving weekly emails, Travis and I have been extremely diligent about taking weekly photos of my bump's progress. One of the main reasons I haven't shared these photos yet is because my bump's progress has been a little pathetic. 

And while Abby is a completely "normal" size (which I was very happy to hear at my last doctor's appointment), I think it's my height (5'10") that has allowed her to spread out and take her time when it comes to "popping."

That being said, at week 19 I'm definitely forming a baby bump - it may be little, but it's more of a bump than I had at Week 5!  Check out the difference between Week 5 and Week 19 and be sure to stay tuned for more Bump Reports!  And maybe for my Week 20 picture, I'll remember which way I was standing and turning the week before...whoops!  

Week 5
Week 5

Week 19
Week 19


  1. Does anyone else think that it's odd that they ALWAYS refer to the size of your baby by comparing it to food? My friend Sheena has a baby app on her iphone (which is kind of weird, and she is also 19 weeks along today) and the day that I was in San Diego, she opened it up and it said that her baby is the size of a "chocolate covered nutter butter." How odd. Maybe those books/websites are subliminally making pregnant women across America hungry at the same time? It worked for me, now I want a chocolate covered nutter butter.
    Keep up the good writing! :)

  2. A chocolate covered nutter butter...that's a new one I've never heard before - haha - that makes me hungry as well!!!

    (and they absolutely MUST be doing this to be mean to pregnant women!)

    Thanks for the comment, Megan!