Monday, September 13, 2010

Spotted...Nearly Naked Mannequins

I have a ton of time to think in the mornings...being that my walk to work is nearly an hour long (and for some strange reason, it seems to be taking longer these days...), I have time to reflect, plan and daydream. It's my morning walk where I typically come up with most of my Blogging ideas.  And this morning was no different.

As I walked from Russian Hill through the Tendernob (at a much faster pace for reasons that those who live in the City understand), I pondered what to write about today...and as I entered Union Square, I had a light bulb moment.  I live in San Francisco, an extremely vibrant, colorful and unique City...a City where I can walk 2.5 miles and see everything from a homeless man begging for change to the most spectacular Louis Vuitton window display this side of NYC.

And while I'll be the first to admit that San Francisco is nowhere near the size of NYC (and nowhere near as magical - there's something about New York that has me spellbound), it does have a whole lot going on in its 7 square miles.  

Long story short, in honor of tonight's Season Premier of the show that adds to my minor obsession with NYC, Gossip Girl, I'm happy to introduce "Spotted..." - my Monday Post about all things San Francisco.  

Whether it's something that catches my eye, something that's changed, something that raises a few questions, or something that simply boggles my mind, I'm going to take a picture and share it with you...

Today I'm going to start off with something that caught my eye: the brand-spanking new window display at Macy's

For the past few weeks, the window has been decorated with mannequins decked out in GLEE gear (there was even one mannequin sitting in a wheelchair - no joke - that's what I like to call attention to detail).  Today I was quite surprised when the GLEE cast was replaced with this (and no, none of these mannequins were in wheelchairs)...

It was actually this visual that inspired "Spotted..." - inappropriately dressed mannequins on display for the world...very reminiscent of the inappropriately dressed (and oftentimes questionably behaved) "high school/college students" on Gossip Girl.  And don't get me wrong, I LOVE the show (especially the wardrobes), I just think it's funny that Macy's has jumped on the risque bandwagon after a month of squeaky-clean GLEE gear...

I personally think they've gone a little too far here when you take into account the audience who walks by this display day in and day out, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned (although this also makes me a hypocrite being that I'm promoting a show like Gossip Girl, but at least I'm honest!). 

What I'm looking forward to is when the Holidays roll around and instead of nearly naked mannequins in the window, there are little kittens on display...

But what's your take on the current window display?  'Over-the-top' or 'Of-the-Moment'? 

Stay tuned for next week's Spotted...



  1. LOL. well, just be happy at least it's the mannequins who are naked.

    Russian Hill - wonderful neighborhood! I love reading your blog 'cause you talk of all these places I loved going to and would love to visit.

  2. wow, Macy's... that looks more like Fredericks.

  3. That's a window display?? Wow. Its not even appealing to me, if you were looking for that kind of "clothing"

  4. Haha...glad I'm not the only one who finds this relatively inappropriate!