Friday, September 10, 2010

Final Friday Thought: There are Lint Balls in my Belly Button!?!

Before I head off for my ultrasound to find out whether Squid is a Boy or a Girl (for the second time in two weeks), I have one random thought for all you readers out there...

Since I "popped" on Wednesday night, I've noticed a strange phenomenon...without fail, no matter what shirt I'm wearing, when I go to take it off, there are lint balls in my belly button.  So gross (and nice mental image, right?). WHY is this!?! 

All I have to say is that it was quite embarrassing when I pulled my shirt up for my Doctor's appointment yesterday morning only to find two little black fuzzies happily crammed into my belly button just waiting to say "hiiii!" to my poor Doctor. Once again, nice mental image, right?  Totally sexy. 

I have a feeling I better get used to checking my belly button for lint more often...I suppose this is another "joy" of Pregnancy (and a growing Bump)!

If you have any tips for me (and my lint balls), as always, I'm all ears!  
Happy Friday!

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  1. Your hygiene is despicable....
    I mean really...