Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Bump Report: Week 20

It's official...I'm growing a REAL baby bump! 

(I was starting to feel like a fraud for a little while)

And as most of you know by now, I'm not sure what's underneath my Bump anymore (stay tuned), but what I do know is that it's a very happy, healthy, rapidly growing baby who we can't wait to meet (boy or girl)!  We also know that this week, it's the size of a cantaloupe and that it's gulping "down several ounces of amniotic fluid every day, both for nutrition and to practice swallowing and digesting."  Mmmm...amniotic fluid! 

Here we are at Week 20...we're halfway there, little Squid!

Week 20
Week 20

As I mentioned last week, I also wanted this week to be a celebration - not only a celebration of reaching the halfway mark in my Pregnancy, but also a celebration of how beautiful (and different) all pregnant women are. Despite my valiant efforts, lofty goals, and unrealistic expectations (which I seem to be an expert in), I can't say I received the feedback I was hoping for. 

That being said, I did receive two wonderful emails from two extremely important women in my life - my beautiful cousin (and Mommy of twins), Nina - and my wonderful Mom (aka - Little Momma), Chris. Thank you both SO much for sharing your pictures and stories with me - now people are going to wish they had participated!!! 

First up I'd like to introduce Nina, my lovely cousin who recently became a Mommy to two beautiful and healthy baby girls, Alyssa Grace and Kylie Paige.  I hope you enjoy this little series of photos...

Nina before she "Popped"

Nina at 21 Weeks (looking absolutely fabulous with twins!)

Week 21
And here is a recent shot of the fam that I fell in love with last night while browsing Facebook - they're all so happy, healthy and loved! 

Next up I'd like to introduce my Little Momma (and for those of you who don't know already, we call her that because she's 5'1"...and 3/4" she likes to add...and I'm 5'10", my brother's 6'6" and my Dad is 6'6" as well).  Little Momma was awesome and went through her old photo albums to round up this picture...she may have been further than halfway, but you get the idea...she was (and still is) SO cute!

Here she is at 7 Months...and her best friend, Tammy, was 6 Months along

My Mom (Left) - 7 Months :: Tammy (Right) - 6 Months

And here's a recent shot of me and my Little Momma the day before my Wedding...toasting to life!  If I do end up having a baby girl, I can only hope and pray that she'll love me HALF as much as I love my Mom - she's my best friend in the whole world!

So once again, this is a celebration!  Pregnancy is truly amazing and Pregnant women are absolutely stunning, whether they're showing "early" or showing "late." 

All that really matters is that you're carrying another life inside of you and that you do the best you can to love, nurture and support them...both in "the bump" and beyond!

Nina and Little Momma, thanks again for helping make this Post super special - I love you guys!


  1. you look great. and for 20 weeks you def. look amazing! :D i love the road down memory lane that you posted it's a great read!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! It was definitely a fun trip down memory lane. :)