Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doctor Approved: Hair Color

There are so many misconceptions surrounding pregnancy.  Being that I can't live without coffee, one of the first misconceptions I researched was whether or not I can drink caffeine while pregnant (many people assume it's a big no-no). 

Luckily for me (and Travis), I can.  That being said, I have to be very aware of how much I'm having and with most other things in life, I have to practice moderation. 

Another common misconception with being Pregnant is that "Pregnant Women Can't Color Their Hair."  Once again, luckily for me (and my 5 inch brown roots that haven't been touched up since my Wedding in March), that's not the case either.

One of the very first handouts my doctor gave me when I found out I was pregnant was a list of common misconceptions...topping that list was "Hair Color."  Being that I've known a few pregnant women who have steered clear of these chemicals, I was very happy to read that touching up my roots won't harm my baby. 

Knowledge is power, right!?! 

So with my new found knowledge, I happily called up my hair stylist (aka - my Mom) and set up an "appointment" for this past Sunday...and luckily for her (apparently everyone's lucky today - I keep using that word - apologies for my lack of creativity), I touched up her roots as well!

Check out our hair coloring party...I can't believe I'm posting these pictures...I'm just here for your entertainment!

Hot Stuff

Belle Hanging out with the Girls
The Finished Product
What other misconceptions are you aware of surrounding Pregnancy? 


  1. Very pretty. For me, coffee was one of them. Also, not working out. I was working out almost everyday, though I slowed down and stopped running in my third trimester. I was totally fine!

  2. Love the hair pictures! Misconception: Since you're pregnant you can eat all you want. Sixty pounds gained later, I was wishing I had been more careful!

  3. We're still trying so its nice to know when we do get preggers I won't have to completely give up my Coke or my twice a year hair appointments.

  4. hahaha! I love it when you are getting your hair colored and at the time when you look freakiest... someone walks in that you know. It happens to me EVERY time i get my hair colored. Why couldn't they come in when I was on my way out and I look like a hair model?? Way to be brave and post this pic on your blog... you look WAY cuter than I do when I am getting mine colored!!

  5. Love everyone's comments!

    laughwithusblog, that's one of the first things my doc said as well...she said, "just know you're not eating for two...not yet." I'm very glad she told me!

    ourmarriageadventure.com, when you get pregnant, you'll get to remain just as fabulous as you are now!!! :)

    Pearls and Pearls, thanks for calling me brave...I definitely feel brave for posting the foil head pictures! haha