Wednesday, September 8, 2010

'Dog'gone San Francisco

Does this make you want to have a puppy?

How about this (and for those of you who are concerned, she's kissing him...not biting!)?

Well, it surely makes me want to have one.  Last week I mentioned my love of dogs (and apologies if you're getting sick of me writing about puppies, but since my baby's not here yet, puppies are the next best thing!!!). 

This week I went to Atlanta and fell in love with a little puppy named Scully. Thanks to her, I was quickly reminded of how badly I want a puppy of my very own. 

Scully melted my heart and was a little fluff-ball of matter what she did, whether she peed indoors when she wasn't supposed to, stumbled as she walked because her paws were too big for her body, or simply crawled happily into my lap to say "hi", she could do no wrong.  There was even one morning when I was having one of my weekly pregnancy meltdowns and she came over and smothered me in love. That's what puppies are for.  They can sense how you're feeling and somehow they make everything better.

I want a puppy.

My poor husband has to hear me say that at least once a day.  The funny thing is that he wants one too.

The problem with this scenario?  We live in San Francisco.  Doggone San Francisco.

As with my skepticism of having a baby in San Francisco, I am also convinced that having a puppy would be nearly impossible.  I'm not saying it's completely impossible (as we do have friends with dogs), I'm just saying that it's not possible with our schedules.  We both work full time (and our workplaces aren't dog-friendly, let alone untrained-puppy-friendly), we don't have a yard (and probably never will in San Francisco unless we win the lottery and can afford a multimillion dollar mansion with a yard), our apartment is not dog-friendly (and few apartment buildings in San Francisco are), we're not about to spend a ton of dough on doggy day care, and we don't live close enough to a park to justify having a puppy that needs to pee (amongst other things) every hour on the hour. 

All that said, I still want a puppy!

But it's not going to happen. Not while we're living here...and while I'm apprehensive about having a baby in the City as well (which is why I began 7x7xMommy in the first place), at least I know it's doable (and at least I know we won't have to walk our baby to the park to pee and poop every hour...then no one would have babies...but that's beside the point).

As much as I want a puppy, I am smart enough to recognize our limitations with apartment living, dual incomes and a baby on the way...

If you have any suggestions as to how to get around this dilemma, I'm ALL ears!

Until then, I'll continue loving other people's puppies...check out Scully helping me write my Blog over the weekend! 

Did I mention that I want a puppy?


  1. Love Scully in front of the computer!
    How about starting a business of renting/leasing/timesharing doggies in the city...kind of a city share, zip car, only with dogs :) :)
    There ya go Alison, a new business idea for you :)

  2. My friend got a dog when she was pregnant with twins and she said that it has been a BLESSING for 2 reasons...
    1. Her babies are less sensitive to sounds because they grew up listening to a dog bark.
    2. When they started eating whole foods the dog would pretty much take care of the mess they left on the floor! haha... no pre clean up before you sanitize the floor. I mean her twins would pretty much drop 2/3 of their food on the floor anyway!

    I feel like I comment everyday! hahaha... can you tell I love your blog??

  3. Haha...LOVE #2! Believe it or not, I've always wanted to name my first dog "Hoover" (like the vacuum cleaner) for that very reason...that's one of the best parts of having a dog - the fact that they suck everything up off the floor (less clean up for you, right!?!)!

    So happy you're loving my blog...I'm having the best time writing it! :)

  4. I want a puppy too! But hubby won't let me :O( Because we just had a little baby and we already have a dog. But yes, I know what you mean by the limited space. While it's cool living in such a vibrant city, the housing is so expensive!

  5. You could always foster! There are so many rescues in the city that need temporary spots to place dogs.

    Also, as cute as puppies are, I have to say that a grown dog is SO much easier! Pre-trained, able to stay alone during the day, and just as cute and lovable as a puppy - just a whole lot less work!

    Then, if you're willing to make that leap, you can go my favorite route...the senior dog. Cute, lovable, pre-trained, and sleeps all day while you're gone. The perfect SF dog!!

    Or, just head down to Chrissy Field for a "fix!". :)

  6. Hello! Hahaha He is sooo cute. And hairy--or furry/ Idk. But yes, in that first picture he looked kind of human. LoL. He has some human-like features, maybe it's the furr-ness and the distinction of his facial features...except for his eyes. I like his color. He's cute :). And no. I am not crushing on the dog. Lol.


  7. What about volunteering in a training facility for dogs that help with special needs? We have one near us and you can choose to help ONLY with the puppies by taking them to stores, restaurants, etc as part of their socialization training. That way you get your dog fix AND are helping someone get a lifetime companion. I can email you more info if you'd like.

  8. Oh my goodness...thanks for all the awesome ideas/thoughts, guy! :) I'll have to do some research and see how I can get involved!