Friday, September 10, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Round 2 Results!

As I mentioned earlier today, we had Round 2 of "Is it a Boy or a Girl?" at 5:00pm this evening. And after some more speculating and one awesome double-chin (thanks Travis!)...

And after wondering if they were going to the Diagnosis our baby accurately this time...

AND after a few stretches in the hallway to ensure Squid's legs weren't crossed...

The results are in...and this time the technician seemed much more confident...

It's (STILL) a Girl!!!  She's (STILL) an Abigail!

And we are absolutely thrilled!  The best part is that we got MUCH better pictures of little Abby this time around.  I think she's looking a lot like Travis...what do you think?

One she is trying to suck on her fist...we're growing a brilliant one over here!

Thanks to everyone who's been following along...this has definitely been a wild (and entertaining) ride!  Stay tuned for whatever may be next...for all we know, next week Abby will be an alien...


  1. yay, for getting to keep all your girly stuff! Those pictures are awesome and I love your belly! Oh, by the way... Russell and I might temporarily be in Santa Rosa about the time Abby makes her big debut :)

  2. yay, for sure!!! Abby does kind of look a lot like Travis, but I think I see some of you Alison in Abby's face :)
    Crazy adventure! The 5 onesies will still be fine for Miss Abigail :)
    You look marvelous, by the way!
    Love ya all tons!

  3. Yay Abby! Glad its for real this time!!!!! Woo hoo!

  4. Congratulations! Thrilled for you both. And can I just say, pregnancy suits you - you're glowing! If it's okay with you, in Monday's editor's corner over on Ramblings, I'm going to do a little update for the readers who checked out your post. If you'd prefer I didn't, don't hesitate to say. Congrats again

  5. Thanks everyone! We're sooooo thrilled! Ramblingsofasingleton...I would love for you to do an update on Monday - that would be fabulous - thank you! :)