Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Love Puppies!

I mean, who doesn't?

So what's better than seeing one puppy on my walk to work?

Seeing TWO puppies, of course!!!  

Plus, it doesn't hurt that the weather was amazing and I was able to wear a tank top the whole way...but back to the puppies.  

There's one in particular, a shaggy goldendoodle, that I see about three mornings a week.  And let me tell you, it makes my day - hands down, it's the best part of my walk. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have my phone out when I saw Shaggy (that's what I call him) fumbling down the street, so I quickly prepared myself to take a picture.  It's an awful picture because we were both moving (plus I didn't want Shaggy's owner to think I was some kind of creepy puppy stalker), but you get the idea...

This little guy makes my heart smile...there's nothing cuter than seeing a little puppy frolicking happily down the street without a care in the world.  And as I mentioned earlier, I was lucky enough to see two adorable puppies this morning.  Shaggy was one...the other was a clumsy yellow Lab sniffing everything in its path and nearly tripping over its own paws.  When the owner walked by me he could tell I was staring and said, "she's such a spaz." Well, she was definitely the cutest spaz I've ever seen!  I hope she becomes a regular in the mornings as well.

Someday I'll have a puppy...someday when we don't live in the City...someday when we have a yard with a fence and a doggy'll happen.  Until then, I'll just admire other people's puppies from afar.  

Here's a picture from back in the day - me and Chelsie (my first puppy) just hanging out...


  1. Cute pictures!! I love puppies. What type would you like?

  2. I'm dying to get a parents have one now (I'm sure I'll have a pic of her on here someday) and she's the smartest, cutest, coolest dog ever!

  3. That is such a funny picture Alison!
    I don't know though Alison, "Just hanging out." The look on your face is one of..."what in the heck has landed on my head!"
    Makes me laugh :) :)

  4. I love puppies too! Cory wants to get another we just have to pick what kind! I wish i could clone Mojo...he is getting so old and is the best dog i've ever had. Cheers to loving dogs!

  5. Ahhhh Chelsie, dog:) Love the ensemble by the way:)