Thursday, September 23, 2010

"It Smells Like Cookies!" (and other Stretch Mark Products...)

As promised, I have compiled a list of advice and products my Friends, Family and Followers suggested when I asked them for Stretch Mark advice.  Thank you all so much for your input – I loved reading your responses (well, for the most part…) and I hope you enjoy my recap.  

While I did have a fair number of responses with product suggestions, I also had a good amount from people who simply believe Stretch Mark Creams are a bunch of baloney…here are some of my favorites…

We had some promising comments…

“They say it's all genetic, I didn't get any stretch marks from pregnancy. Don't think my mom did after 5 kids and triplets either... So don't worry too much!” – Kelli

“I never got pregnancy stretch marks so hopefully that means good genes from the Sandman/Mikkelsen side!” – Aunt Cathy

And some brutally honest comments…

“7x7xMommy is in big trouble...her momma has many "faded" stretch marks to this day...every single one well worth it :)” – Chris (aka – my MOM! Ahh!)

“My OB's 'congrats you're pregnant' take-home sheet says up front:  Don't buy any stretch mark cream! You'll either get them, or you won't; it's genetics and you can't change it. I have them pretty badly from my son, but I was overweight to start out and I think if my skin hadn't already been "stretched" from holding all of me in the first place. Good luck not getting them!” – Sareece

“I thought I went through the whole pregnancy with no new stretch marks (I have some from my teen years), but they aren't noticeable. Anyway, I found them after I had my baby...” - Jessi

“I am pretty sure all the stretch mark creams are gimmicks. It’s a nice little game called, does my skin stretch well? My sister ended up with a stretch mark 1/4" long.  Notice the "a" for singular. I on the other hand look like I got mauled by a ravenous creature. No joke. I wear tankinis now... oh and jack was over 9lbs.... so it’s a fun game similar to Russian roulette!” - Lucy

I had a few people suggest some middle-of-road (and quite logical) solutions...

“ The biggest thing is if you skin is moist it'll stretch better without leaving any marks, and lotion at least 3 times a day is usually pretty successful!” - Megan

“Hey "Bump Girl".....the object of any cream for belly bump is to keep skin soft and supple, even something as simple as Aloe Vera, Vaseline or crank case oil. Well the latter might be a little too messy. But DO keep something on Abby’s casing cause it DOES make a difference! Remember, Grandma knows best.” – Anonymous (aka – my Grandma Sally!)


And then I had some people who suggested actual products that they used and loved (or heard positive things about)…

“I have some scars from an accident a few years back. They were really red and unsightly. A friend recommended I try Bio Oil and it made a huge difference. According to the bottle it's also suitable for stretch marks. I don't know if you can get it in the States, but if you can it's definitely worth a try.” – RamblingsofaSingleton ($7.55 for a 2 oz bottle)

“I didn't get any stretch marks until like less than a week before the girls were born :/ Those creams and stuff are a load of crap- there is NOTHING you can do to prevent stretch marks. It is genetic, but remember you have two parents so you have to look at BOTH sides of you family. Although I don't think Gram got any... not so sure. You can use Bio Oil or like Mederma Stretch Mark Cream to help minimize the look of them after, but that is about as good as it gets. If you want to use them the sooner the better. Sorry!” - Nina ($29.96 for a 5.29 oz bottle)

“I used Tummy Honey Cream on some serious stretch marks and it actually helped a lot. I'm considering getting some more. You can get it on Amazon for a bit cheaper than you can in the stores.” - Aimee ($9.58 for a 4 oz bottle)

“I used a product that I got at Whole Foods called Mother's Special Blend and it was amazing. I didn't get a single stretch mark (I used it from the day we found out until I was 6 weeks post-partum) and it smells like cookies! Okay, maybe that was the pregnant brain speaking, but I definitely would recommend it. It runs about $15 a bottle, and I only went through one bottle.” – Megs3441 ($10.58 for an 8 oz bottle...or $15.99 for an 8 oz bottle at Whole Foods)

“Try Elemis Camellia Oil...It's kind of pricey, but definitely works!” - Kim ($32.80 for a 3.5 oz bottle)

My stance on the whole thing?  And which product did I purchase?

Well, I have to be honest - I was sold at “it smells like cookies!”   As a pregnant woman, I couldn’t help but do a double take at that statement.  

I must say...logically I believe stretch marks are a genetic thing and that the most powerful (and most brilliantly marketed) stretch mark creams in the world probably won’t make much of an impact…but in order for me to believe that and purchase nothing, I'd have to be logical.  

And I’m not logical right now – I’m PREGNANT!  Sheesh…and last I checked, Pregnant and Logical don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand (what a stereotype, right? Just let me get away with it for the purpose of this post, OK?). 

That being said, while I’m pretty sure Vaseline and every day lotion would have the same effect on my potential stretch marks as the overly-priced-illogical-pregnant-woman-targeted stretch mark creams, I couldn’t resist the thought of rubbing something that smells like cookies on my belly.  (that just sounds weird, doesn’t it? Oh well…)

So last weekend, Travis and I walked on over to Whole Foods (yes, everything in San Francisco is within walking distance for me!) and picked up a bottle of Mother’s Special Blend


Let me put it this way – I bought myself some PEACE OF MIND…for $15.99…and it just so happens to smell like cookies (you weren't lying, Megs3441!!!)…and it acts as a wonderful massage oil!  And even if I end up with Stretch Marks at the end of this process, I’m very happy with my purchase and as my Mom said, every stretch mark will be WELL worth it!

I hope you have found this list helpful and if nothing else, entertaining!  As always, keep the ideas, suggestions and feedback coming – you guys are making this blogging experience extremely worthwhile!

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