Monday, December 13, 2010

Spotted...My Dream Job!!!

I'm seriously contemplating moving to China and becoming a Scientist...sorry, Travis!

Thanks to some of my friends and followers who know of my obsession with Pandas, I have recently been turned onto a new career path...

What do you think? 

A little frightening, yes...but I think I could pull it off!  

This one is particularly scary...


  1. it's very sweet that they do that buuuuut it's pretty funny!

  2. Hahahha that's too funny!!!!! Chinese people can be really weird. This is pretty cool though :)

  3. Hilarious!!! I just caught up on your origination Panda Post - SO CUTE!

  4. Too funny, right!?! What a fun job that would be :)

  5. I was at the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend and totally thought of your panda obsession. Check out this Etsy page:

    Personally, I'm in love with the nerdy pandas!

  6. I love it - thanks for the Etsy page to check out!!! :)