Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4: a Favorite Book

I enjoy writing (hence the reason I started a blog). 

I wish I enjoyed reading half as much as I enjoy writing. 

I will be the VERY first person to admit that I do not read enough (nor does my Husband, but even he does better than me!). 

I still struggle to find books that draw me in, keep me interested, and not make me want to chuck them across the room because I'm reading about yet another weak, insecure, female lead with whom I have nothing in common...I'm just saying...

So...a Favorite Book of mine?  The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

While I may not read much, I love learning about how to do everything I can to ensure my future will be financially secure (I say "I" because the first time I read this book, I was 23, new to San Francisco, and 1,000% single).  And trust me - this is not some kind of get-rich-quick book or how-to on making massive amounts of money.  

It's a tool. 

A very smart, helpful, structured tool that I utilized the moment I was handed my first paycheck as an independent woman (rather, the first wire transfer I received in my bank account as an employed drone).  

Three years later, I couldn't be happier that my Dad (the CFO in the family - hence the reason I've always had a thing for numbers and saving) gifted me this book and suggested that I read it and put it to use - THANKS DAD!

It's all about the choices we make in our lives...and if you're interested in setting yourself up for success (financially), this is a fabulous book to pick up and read (even for a non-reader like me!).  

Now that I'm married and having a baby, it looks like I need to pick up another one of David Bach's books...Smart Couples Finish Rich...I'll keep you posted on my thoughts.

Happy SAVING!    


  1. You might enjoy Who Moved My Cheese? Cheese is a metaphor for life and the book is about how to achieve your goals.

  2. I'll definitely have to check it out! Thanks for the rec!