Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2: a Favorite Movie

OK...this is going to be a tough one...

Do I go with something that will make me seem cool and intellectual?  Or do I go with something a bit closer to the truth?  Something that will truly illustrate how "cool" I really am...

We'll go with the latter because the whole point of blogging is to express your true self, right?


So here goes nothing...and here's my confession: I LOVE Musicals

I can't recall what my first exposure to Musicals was, but I can recall that I fell in love with song and dance at a very young age.  I've mentioned it before in previous posts, but I would be an incredibly happy camper if people broke out in song and dance in real life...I feel like that would make the world a happier place!  

With that said, a Favorite Movie of mine is most definitely Bye Bye Birdie...from 1963...with Ann-Margaret (who could do no wrong in my eyes).  I'm pretty sure I've seen it at least 50 times...and don't tell my Mom (who will most definitely read this anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter), but I would fake sickness at school to come home and watch this movie again and again and again.

This story could be applied to other movies as well...La Bamba, Grease, Footloose (which isn't a Musical, but the music and dancing in the movie made me just as happy as traditional musicals), The Sound of Music, West Side Story, and the list goes on...

To this day, I can still belt the lyrics to ANY of these Musicals and feel happier and more relaxed.  

And to be honest, I secretly hope Abby will love musicals as well...then we'll be able to sing and dance together through life (and annoy the crap out of Daddy!)...sounds like fun to me!

Is there anyone else out there who shares my unique obsession with Musicals? 

Stay tuned for Day 3 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this movie too! And La Bamba! We should watch them together when you're on maternity leave!

  2. Haha...I would LOVE that!!! :) We can have a musical marathon!

  3. I can totally see you and your daughter dancing around and singing and then posting the video here :) haha

  4. It's always nice to read something "closer to truth". And truthfully, I've never seen this musical. But one of these days, I will.

  5. Oh my gosh, you MUST check it out (especially if you enjoy musicals). Like all musicals, there are a few bizarre, unnecessary moments...but the brilliant scenes totally outweigh the bizarre ones! :)

  6. I love musicals too! Eli hates them!
    I looooove My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, The Music Man, Annie, The Phantom of the Opera. I too wish that I would be walking down the middle of the street, and everyone would burst into song and dance. :-/