Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Accurate are Due Dates???

My best friend's Wedding is January 22, 2011

This is not just any friend...this is my BEST FRIEND (remember her from my post about being Thankful?) best friend since elementary school...the only friend who I can go months without talking to (or seeing), reconnect, and feel as if we had our last conversation 3 minutes prior...that best friend. 

This best friend...

So let's try this again...

January 22, best friend is getting married.

January 27, 2011...I am due with my first born. 

That's a 5 day window...

Now let's revisit my original question:  how accurate are due dates???

I've already had to resign as a Bridesmaid...I won't be able to attend her Bachelorette Party...and now I might not even see her get married!?!  

It's not every day your best friend gets married...and it's not every day that you're expecting your first baby...

I've heard so many stories lately: stories of babies arriving super early...stories of babies taking their sweet time and arriving weeks late...stories of babies making their entrance into the world right on time (I wonder if those babies will have Type A personalities...???  But I digress...). 

Bottom line is that at this point, I plan on being there. I plan on making the 7+ hour car ride down to Southern California 5 days before my due date...being an "honorary Bridesmaid"...and witnessing Emily tie the knot.

My Husband thinks I'm insane (which is a topic of discussion regularly, so that's nothing new). 

My Doctor says we can play it by ear (as long as we do research about local hospitals down South).

My Gut tells me it's possible (though 34 weeks Pregnant and 40 weeks Pregnant are two totally different animals). 

And My Best Friend is keeping the faith...

I feel like I should create a poll here...a "Will we make it or not make it?" Poll...

Am I dreaming?  Because you can't blame me for wishful thinking...

In case you missed it the first time, it's my best friend's wedding!


  1. haha...I love the confidence, Christine! :) I HAVE to!!!

  2. You can make it! My mom's doctor said that she couldn't go to her brother's wedding in Monterey and my mom said "Phooy! I'm going!" I don't know if that is really what she said...but something like that. I say go! You can't miss your best friend's wedding! My best friend's wedding is on Jan. 29! I live in Southern California I can help you with learning more about the hospitals, especially since I am working at one.

    You never know with babies. They sometimes like to surprise you or take their time (I was 11 days late). I say you can do it! Plan to go, and if Abby comes early, have someone Skype it for you via their iphone!

  3. I LOVE the positive feedback, Aimee!!! And thanks for the offer to suggest hospitals - I will DEFINITELY take you up on that! :)

  4. Maybe the kid will be a little early and you can bring her to your best friend's wedding!

  5. My first arrived 9 days early. I have a lot of friends that all had their babies early even though it was their first (which has the reputation for always being late). It is a really hard decision. Good luck!!

  6. I want to say "play it safe". It IS your baby and your health on the line. But at the same time maybe you should play it by ear. If the day comes and you're still "solidly" pregnant, you should go. Either way, if it's that important to you, research the heck out of the hospitals around there, maybe phone interview a OB, then at least you'll be prepared if you go into labor.