Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3: a Favorite TV show

I'm glad this doesn't say "a Favorite TV show this week" because there's nothing worth watching on TV these days...well, nothing worth watching other than cheesy holiday specials and goofy Christmas movies which are totally worth watching, but I digress...

a Favorite TV show...hmmm...another tough one...

I would most definitely have to say that a Favorite TV show of mine is Man vs. Food on the Travel's so entertaining!  Travis and I tune in most weekends when there's nothing else on in the mornings. We watch Adam travel around and gorge himself with somewhat disgusting looking yet somewhat enticing looking meals. 

Every once in a while, he introduces us to a gem that we'd actually be interested in trying, like the Bacon Donut at Dynamo Donuts in the Mission in San Francisco.  I say that we'd be interested in trying it because we haven't done it's on our to-do list...and I'd like this to be something we do in the next five weeks while I'm still pregnant (because eating a bacon donut sounds a lot more acceptable when you're pregnant...). 

Anyway, if you haven't checked out the show already, we'd recommend it!  If you're a veggie, however, I might not be so quick to suggest you watch fact, stay away if you're a may be completely repulsed and never read my blog again!

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