Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maternity Shoot with Brooke Bryand Photography

This may be a ridiculously obvious statement, but I'm going to say it anyway...

We LOVE pictures. 

Our lives have been well documented.  Travis and I both came from families who took photos at every family gathering, sporting event, and non-significant milestone (because not every picture can be a Wedding photo...though we have plenty of those as well).  

We have most definitely kept up our family traditions...I'm actually halfway surprised we don't have a photo from our very first date, but I suppose we were both on our best behavior that night and snapping photos may have been considered a little bizarre. 

Some may find our documentary-style take on life a little over the top and that's OK, but we love having visual representation to compliment all of our wonderful memories (and even those memories that aren't so wonderful, like when Travis was snapping photos at the basketball game where I blew out my knee)

Bottom line is that we're always prepared to supply our friends with photos for their Wedding Slideshows; we're able to create amazingly personalized Photo Calendars for our family at Christmas time; and we'll always have these amazing moments frozen in time...

And now that we're having a baby, we knew this would be yet another amazing opportunity to capture some moments in time.  

Thanks to the Golden Gate Mother's Group, I was turned onto Brooke Bryand Photography...

I honestly cannot say enough about Brooke...she's super fun, uber-professional, shockingly speedy, exceptionally patient, open to ideas, and most of all, she's EXTREMELY talented!!!  We couldn't be more thrilled about our Maternity Photos.  

Luckily for us, we'll get to hang out with her again when baby Abigail enters the world...we cannot wait to see what kind of magic she's going to work then!

Here's a sneak peek of our shoot...

To see more of her amazing work (and more Maternity shots!), check out Brooke's incredibly impressive blog: Brooke Bryand Photography

And visit her website for more information (because she does a whole lot more than just Maternity shoots!): Brooke Bryand Photography


  1. Your photos look amazing! I am also impressed by the heels :) I can't wait for my hubby and I to take photos like this. Will you do follow up photos with Brooke after Abigail is born?

  2. Haha...honestly, it was the first time I've worn heels in MONTHS! :) And to answer your question, yes!!! Brooke is already on board to take pics of Abigail as a newborn...and at 6 months...and at a year...pretty amazing stuff - I can't wait to share the progression with everyone!

  3. These are gorgeous! Will you be posting more?

  4. The plan is to post more! We'll get a DVD of all the shots within a week...can't wait to see them - yay! :)