Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Bump Report: Week 32

Ho Ho Hooooo!!!

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm kind of into the whole holiday thing. Thanksgiving...Christmas...there's just nothing like this time of year!

Gosh, I'm even feeling more and more like Santa Claus every day with my ever expanding belly.  Cookies and milk are even sounding more appealing as I approach the final months of pregnancy.  It may be in my head, but I'm soaking this up...might as well, right? 

I have to be honest - I'm LOVING that I'm getting bigger and bigger during the holiday season.  It feels so appropriate.  I get to bundle up in lots of layers, eat yummy holiday food and candies, and feel extra jolly in the process. No complaints here!

In Abigail news, she's getting bigger every's pretty cool.  She's approximately 4 pounds now and is still a Squash.  Apparently this is around the time when I could start feeling Braxton Hick contractions - aka "practice" contractions...basically your body's way of prepping for the real deal - but I can't report anything of the sort...yet!  

Here are a couple pictures of Week 32! 

Week 32
Week 32


  1. WOW! You're still so skinny and in shape! Good for you! Do you mind me asking how much you've gained so far? I've been seeing diferent numbers from different people, but mostly they're around 50-60 lb, which seems way too excessive to me.
    Share! :)

  2. Thank you!!! :) I've been working hard at it (and I've been lucky not experiencing morning sickness, working out has still been manageable!). So far, I've gained ~22 lbs...depending on the day and the meals I ate the day before, of course!

    I also just wrote an article that you should check out -

    Hope that helps! :)

  3. Oh that's so awesome that you didn't have any morning sickness! I really hope that mine won't be too bad!
    22 lb is perfect i think. You still have a few weeks and pounds to go, but that's ideal. I have read a lot about normal pregnancy weight gain, not because I'm worried about getting "fat", but because I want to make sure that everything is done as perfect as possible on my part. And also because I'm seeing so many moms-to be with double the weight. It probably also has to do with how fit they were prior to pregnancy. You seem like you've always been fit.
    And so many people buy into this whole "eat for two" thing :) I think our country needs to educate people about nutrition in general.

  4. Yes...fingers crossed that you don't have any morning sickness! I feel like it made such a difference at the beginning of my pregnancy. :) And yes, in general, our country definitely needs help/education when it comes to health and nutrition. Couldn't agree with you more!