Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nothing says Christmas like a White Elephant Gift Exchange

There's something about White Elephant parties that fill me with so much joy.

From the gift purchasing to the gift giving to the fighting over gifts to the final outcome, the dynamics of a White Elephant exchange are truly like no other.  The dynamics are even more entertaining and amusing if your guests have consumed a fair number of spirited cocktails before and during the exchange.  Gosh, top it off with the integration of an Ugly Sweater Party and you're absolutely golden! 

Pregnant Woman Note: Being that I'm pregnant this year, I have obviously not been involved in the spirited cocktail consumption, but that didn't stop me from having just as much fun as my cocktail sipping counterparts!  I sported my Ugly Sweater with the best of 'em and picked out some pretty stellar gifts (if I do say so myself).

This past weekend during our first exchange of the season (we have two more White Elephants to go...), I felt as if I'd had three glasses of wine and four cups of egg nog (spiked with Brandy, of course). I had not laughed that hard in a LONG time...

Here are a few photos from the other night...

If you aren't familiar with White Elephant parties, it's time to familiarize {HERE} for details...

If you are, you probably know just how wild, crazy, and ridiculous they can be...

What's the best White Elephant gift 
you've ever given or received???


  1. HA! I love these parties, but by far the best gift we ever received, lost, stole back, and ultimately had to give up for good was a case of beer. Missing 1 single can. Much laughter ensued over that gift since the initial winner was my mother - a pastor :-p

  2. The weekend of the 18th is our staff holiday white elephant. I think everyone gets a "what the heck is this?! I didn't register for this!" present when you get married...and I FULLY intend to re-gift my terrible statue of two people embracing that weighs 15 lbs to the LUCKY staff person who chooses their box on sheer weight alone.
    Chris- beware! :)

  3. haha Megan :) :) I will be on the look out!