Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top 10 Tips for Pregnancy & (Impending) Parenthood

Here's the latest and greatest over at TapMommies...

Never in a million years did I think I would receive so much advice on Pregnancy and Parenthood in such a short amount of time.  It’s going to be hard to narrow down my favorites, but here goes nothing…

1. Buy a Belly Band
You’ll never know how amazing an elastic tube around your belly feels until you’ve purchased a Belly Band.  I’d buy one or two of these right away because you never know when that magical day will arrive…that magical day being the one where you can no longer button your pants (or zip your zipper for that matter).  As I close in on Week 27, I’m still able to squeeze into (some) pre-pregnancy jeans thanks to my Belly Band!

2.  Purchase Some Peace of Mind
Others may refer to this as Stretch Mark Cream, but since I believe stretch marks are hereditary, I can’t actually say I believe these creams reverse any physical effects of Pregnancy.  That being said, when I received my weekly email from The Bump at Week 21 that stated, “Gasp...is that a stretch mark?!! Take deep breaths and remember -- they'll fade after delivery,” I was a little freaked out.  After receiving tons of advice on various creams, I invested in Mother’s Special Blend, a firming oil found at Whole Foods.  Six weeks later, I’m still stretch-mark free and extremely happy I made the investment (whether or not it actually does anything!).

Every Mom I know has highly recommend signing up for the GGMG. The group helps connect you with other Moms, they host events, offer Volunteering opportunities (which I’m interested in), and help facilitate Playgroups. I signed up yesterday!

The name alone has me sold…but more than that, we’ve heard that the advice given in these books and on the DVD are invaluable and might even increase the number of hours we’ll sleep. Ummm…yes please!

5. Don’t buy Baby Clothes
From the moment we told our friends and family we were Pregnant, we were given the following advice: “You do not need to buy baby clothes – that’s what everyone will gift you!”  And let me tell you – they couldn’t have been more accurate.  We’re still three months away from Abby entering the World and we have a dresser FULL of baby clothes, none of which we purchased (other than some frivolous San Francisco Giants outfits for next season!!!). 

6. Purchase a Swing
While we haven’t registered yet, we do know one item that will be at the top of our list – a Swing.  Literally every couple we’ve talked to so far has claimed that a swing can save your life…I’m ALL about saving lives, so sign me up!

7. Learn how to Wrap a Burrito (aka – Swaddle)
This one comes courtesy of my Dad who is a self-proclaimed “professional Swaddler”. His Swaddling experience goes back many years to when he’d wrap me up like a little burrito.  Not only did I love it, but HE loved it.   It’s a great way for Dads to get involved.  And knowing how much Travis loves Burritos, I imagine he’ll be an expert in no time! 

8. Discover the Brilliance of Soothies
Although pacifiers may not be for everyone, we’ve been told that the best of the best are called Soothies. We can literally say that every baby we know has been spotted with one in his/her mouth (though please keep in mind we know two babies…).

9. Invest in an AMAZING Breast Pump
Why skimp on something you’ll spend so much time on? Every Mommy I’ve spoken to has recommended that I purchase not just any breast pump, but a GREAT breast pump…and that’s precisely what I intend to do!

10. Go on a Babymoon
I saved the best for last.  Before baby arrives, go on a Vacation (or multiple Vacations) with your significant other!  Travis and I have had an amazing year of travel (Costa Rica, Hawaii, Atlanta, Seattle, etc.) and we’ve labeled each trip (other than our Honeymoon) a “Babymoon”…they’re truly invaluable and more than anything, they’re a BLAST!
This list could obviously go on and on but those are my favorite tips…thus far!  


  1. I can't wait to see how your top-ten changes when you're actually there!

  2. Awesome information! I definitely agree with purchasing an amazing breast pump. It'll definitely ease the stress and pain for you as you go! Good luck you're almost there :)

  3. Ali- reading a few books about labor and delivery are a good idea. It helps to know about the 'BIG' day. Two that I loved are:
    The Birth Partner
    Having Faith

  4. I read the Happiest Baby on the Block and Loved it! So many doctors noawadays advise new momies exactly the opposite of what the book says, but it never made sense to me. Love the book and recommend it to everyone.