Friday, November 12, 2010

To Cut or Not to Cut...THAT is the Question!

I'm a pro at growing my hair out and then chopping it off...I'd say the cycle happens every 2-3 years (with bangs on a much shorter cycle).  

Luckily, my hair grows fast and I have no emotional attachment to my locks, so making these "drastic" changes isn't something that stresses me's just something that stresses my husband out!  

Like most men, he's a fan of long when I showed him an example of the haircut I've fallen madly in love with recently, he made the following statement: "Babe, I think you'll look beautiful no matter what your hair looks like, but I really like it long."  

haha, what a sweet guy...that being said, he does admit that I'm beginning to look a bit like a lion these days with my mane, so I think we're in agreement that a change is in order...

I'm not saying I'm going to make this change right away, but here's what I've been drooling over...

Should I go for it or keep my long lion mane? 


  1. I do the exact same thing! Might feel good to donate it if it's long enough! I'm currently on the grow out phase after chopping it post-wedding!

  2. Travis always told me that I was better blond... ha I showed him! He's not always to be listened to. :)

    I think if you want to cut it do it! I like the first one and I think you could pull it off...

    Change is good, remember? :P

  3. I say if your hair grows long, cut it! Just make sure it's a good cut.

  4. Hello I'm just starting to follow your blog!

    Always go for the cut! It's just hair it will grow back! However i don't recommend dying your hair (if thats something you do) when prego.... color doesn't seem to like to take to pregnant hair....

    found that out the hard way.