Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Jesus!

My amazingly awesome boss gifted us the coolest bassinet last night (one less thing we have to worry about!).  

It just so happens that he has a three year old daughter and a six month old son...his son (whose name is Conrad...a name I kinda want to steal for when we have a boy) recently grew out of the bassinet, so Kevin kindly passed it along to us. 

We had no idea what to expect when he opened his trunk to make the transfer, but we both fell in love when we saw what was inside...a woven, all natural, stunning bassinet.  

The first thought that came to my mind?  Baby Jesus!

I seriously couldn't help myself from envisioning a little Baby Jesus sleeping in it.  Either baby Jesus or it looks like it belonged on Noah's arc as one of the two babies on board (if babies were on the arc...I don't know).  

All joking aside, Travis and I were so excited to get it into the apartment last night.  We (being the silly, super excitable people we are) happily pushed it around from room to room just to see how it looked.  First we took it in the bedroom to see how it looked next to my side of the bed (perfect).  Then we transferred it out to the living room where there's an abundant sea of space for all things Abigail (well, abundant for a San Francisco apartment)...and it is just the most precious thing! 

Thank you, Kevin and family!  Hooray for hand-me-downs!  And yahoo for making more progress!  

Now I need to get on this Registering thing...


  1. It is beautiful!
    So kind of them to gift it to ya :)

  2. So beautiful. How thoughtful is your boss? (Honestly, I half-expected to see a picture of your panda in the bassinet!)

  3. Haha...gosh, I should have thought of putting panda in there!!! :)