Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Bump Report: Week 28

Time is flying...the Giants won the World Series...Abby is moving around like a mini-maniac in my belly (I'm convinced she's on a mission to turn my innie belly button into an outie)...and it's officially time to focus on a new sport and my first love - Basketball. 

You see, now that the Giants have taken care of business it's time to dedicate my TV viewing time to the Golden State Warriors...luckily, my child size Warriors zip-up hoodie still fits...we'll see how long that lasts (probably until Abby transforms into something other than an Eggplant!!!).

Nothing new to report in Bump land.  I think we'll be making some progress in the nursery this weekend by setting up the crib, so stay tuned for that.

Until then, heeeeeeeeeere's Abby!

Week 28

Week 28
Week 28