Monday, May 16, 2011

(UPDATE) Abigail's (Ever Expanding) Library

Way back in February (and in new Mommy mode, that was FOREVER ago), I wrote about Abigail's Library.  At the time, she was only a month old and was solely focused on eating, pooping, sleeping and screaming at me, so I can't say we got a whole lot of quality reading time in (lazy baby!!!).

Don't you worry though...she's become quite the bookworm at the mature age of four months minus ten days.

On a typical day, she enjoys reading her fabric book to Sophie (as she wouldn't want to give her a paper cut).

Then, around mid-day, she'll request one of her favorite stories (typically involving a very lopsided picture to text ratio) out of The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury.

And every night, before she heads to bed for her 8-9 hours of beauty rest, she reads Good Night San Francisco with her Daddy...the perfect way to end the day. 

At this rate, I'm pretty sure it won't be long until she starts requesting the classics...I'll keep you posted.

Just remember, they're NEVER too young to start reading!!!


  1. I agree! We've been reading to our girls since they were still in the womb and they LOVE books. (They love them a little too much sometimes and we have to break out the duct tape!)I hope they never lose their love of reading.

  2. She is getting bigger, and so cute too! Looks like she is thoroughly enjoying her book.

  3. Oh I love the little soft book! Will have to remember for the future!

  4. The soft books are the best...she can pick them up and hold them whenever she wants! I highly recommend them :)