Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teething and Breastfeeding (OUCH!)

Abigail's new nickname?


And guess what?  Sharkie just BIT me!  

This is her laughing at Mommy after taking her first bite...what a sweetheart...

You see, Abby cut her first tooth at the EXTREMELY young age of 3.5 months.  And while I thought it was pretty cool at first ("She's SO advanced!!!"), now I'm not so sure.  After experiencing Sharkie's first CHOMP I think it's safe to say that I'm officially frightened...

These are not teeth.  These are mini serrated knives.  

Doesn't she know she's supposed to save the teething for Sophie?   Oh, right...she's a baby and doesn't know the difference.

And while a few nibbles won't stop me from breastfeeding (as my goal is to continue for 6 months to a year), a few more severe chomps from Sharkie might have me covered in band-aids and tears...

But I can do it...if I could survive the first few weeks of breastfeeding which were by far the most difficult, I can most definitely survive Sharkie.  

Let's just hope the next teeth take a little longer to cut through...


  1. Hahahaha...sharkie struck again!!!

  2. ouch! my baby did this too at the early age of 4months. not fun!

    what i read though is that babes will usually bite when they are done eating so if they do it, do not latch them back on. when they are finished eating is when they think mama is sophie!