Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Panda Report: 4 Months

At 4 months, Abigail is sporting one extremely sharp tooth, she's "talking" and laughing up a storm, she's sleeping through the night consistently, and she's drinking out of adult glasses...

Well, the last part is just a joke but let's just say our little newborn is growing up and enriching our lives like we never thought possible.  

Here are a few pictures from her 4 Month photo shoot.

And this little one had quite the day...she attended her very first Giants game (well, unless the ones she attended in my belly count).  The game went into extra innings (ended in the bottom of the 11th), the Giants won, Abby was awake for almost the entire event, and we're pretty sure she had a great time with Mommy and Daddy...

I'm sure it'll be a day she will always remember (well, I actually doubt it, but at least we have pictures to remind her!).
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