Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meet Sophie: Teether, Toy, Miracle Worker

Let me begin with a little conversation I had with a friend when Abigail joined the world.

Friend:  Does Abby have Sophie yet?
Me:  Who's Sophie?
Friend:  Oh, you'll see...

Now let me fast forward to last week when Abigail's first tooth joined the world.

Me to Abigail: I think it's about time we find you a teething toy...let's walk down to Giggle and see if they have anything interesting (yes, I have full on conversations with my three and a half month old).

Abigail: Drool...(and yes, I consider this a response worthy of a quote)

So that very day, we strolled down to Chestnut Street, walked into Giggle, and there she was in all her glory...Sophie The Giraffe (or more accurately, Sophie la Girafe - the box said she was "Born in Paris" - read Sophie's story HERE).

It was almost as if she had a light shining down on her and some magnetic force drawing me toward her...

I finally "met" the infamous Sophie...and her marketing team.  Check out everything Sophie is capable of...

At the age of 3 months, a baby’s eyesight is still limited and he can only make out high contrasts. The Dark and contrasting attention-catching spots all over Sophie the Giraffe’s body provide visual stimulation and she soon becomes a familiar and reassuring object for baby.

Sophie the Giraffe's squeaker keeps baby amused and stimulates his hearing. To begin with, the funny sound Sophie makes when she is squeezed helps to stimulate baby’s hearing, and then later, helps him to understand the link between cause and effect.

A Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint, and is completely safe to chew, just like a feeding bottle teat. Her soft texture and numerous chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), make her perfect for soothing baby’s sore gums during teething.

Touch is the first means a baby has of communicating with the outside world. Sophie the Giraffe’s soft feel, like baby’s mother’s skin, stimulates physiological and emotional response that soothe baby and promote healthy growth and well-being..

The singular scent of natural rubber from the Hevea tree makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for your child to identify amid all his other toys.

Sophie the Giraffe’s shape and 18 cm (7 inches) size are perfect for baby’s small hands. She is very light, and her long legs and neck are easy for baby to grip, even from his earliest days.

I'm still a little disappointed Sophie doesn't change diapers...

After reading all about her, I justified her seemingly ridiculous price tag and practically ran home to unwrap her and introduce her to Abigail (I suppose you could say I was more excited to meet her than Abby was, but that's beside the point).

The two seemed to have an instant connection...

I think this could be the beginning of a long friendship...I'll keep you posted on their bond and on whether or not Sophie actually helps with Abigail's time of teething. 

Fingers crossed Sophie turns out to be the Miracle Worker both her marketing team and my friends claim she is (not to mention strangers at the airport - I swear everyone knows Sophie)...we have some high expectations!

But since she's still brand new to the family, we're being as warm and welcoming as possible...after all, she could very well be Abigail's new best friend (after me, of course).

Anyone else have any Sophie stories?  I'd love to hear them! 


  1. I've never seen or heard of Sophie. I must be lagging in the mom department!

  2. This post was hilarious. I can see that Abby loves her Sophie. I've seen the giraffe on pretty much every single mommy blog, so i guess it IS a must.
    And btw, i don't think you're weird b/c you talk to Abby. I am totally going to have "conversations" with my baby from the very beginning. Newborns are not thoughtless blobs like many like to think.

  3. After all the hype you've created it to be, I went on amazon and read the 1,200 reviews (Ok I didn't read 1200, I probably read about 30, but there are 1200 reviews, insane!) and there was only like, 3 negative reviews.
    I then bought Sophie for my friend's daughter, who is a month older than Abby. It gets delivered tomorrow, and I can't wait to see if Zoe loves her as much as Abby does.
    I also bought her Baby Mozart, which also had a million great reviews. What can I say? I'm a sucker for marketing.
    Do you use the baby mozart dvds?
    Abby is a doll...:)

  4. hi alison (tom's wife from jll)
    we have had sophie since our first kiddo... LOVE HER! LuLu now has 2 because we thought we had lost sophie #1, bought a replacement and just now found the old one!
    love your blog btw!

  5. Aww I love that you guys enjoyed this one...and that you have similar stories. I'm just glad we picked out a teether/toy that comes so highly recommended!

    Nina, I had never heard of her either...haha...you're not lagging! And now you know who she is!