Monday, May 2, 2011

Abigail's First Flight...a Success Story

Even with two blown out diapers (through her clothes and onto Daddy's pants and Mommy's breastfeeding cape while the 'fasten-seat-belt-sign' was illuminated due to turbulence), I'm extremely  happy (and proud) to say that Abigail is a wonderful jetsetter.

If we were to have changed anything about our trip, it probably would have been her diapers. Two blow-outs on one flight?  Really?  Good thing Mommy over-packed the diaper bag with three extra outfits (I knew this so-called flaw of mine would come in handy someday!).  

Other than the blow-outs, both flights were a monumental success.  And thank goodness that's the case considering Abigail and I will be flying again (this time with KiKi) on Thursday.  Had it not gone so well, I'm pretty sure I'd be freaking out right about now. 

As I said before we left on Thursday, thanks again for all your tips over at Seeking Advice: Flying with a 3 Month Old.

And as promised, here are a few tips of my own:

Arrive Early 
I'm sure some people might disagree with me on this (as they wouldn't want to spend a bunch of extra time at the airport with a newborn), but I'm a strong believer in having extra time for peace of mind.  We were at the airport two hours before our flight and it gave us plenty of time to check in (which is much more complicated with a baby in tow), get through security, get to our gate, and have time to feed and change Abigail.  By the time we were boarding, Abigail was soundly asleep on my chest in the Baby Bjorn (where she slept peacefully for the first two hours of the flight).   

She was obviously very excited to be at the airport

Wear Comfy and Easy Clothes 
This goes for Mommy and baby (Daddy can wear whatever he wants as long as he's okay with getting pooped on).  A flight is not the time to put baby in their cutest's the perfect time to have them in their EASIEST outfit (think long sleeve onesie with a zipper).  You won't have much space or much time to change diapers so keeping things easy is extremely important.  And Mommies, if you're breastfeeding it's much easier to navigate your favorite sweatshirt than your favorite fashionable blazer...think COMFORT.  My limbs are long so it was a bit of a struggle getting comfortable while feeding Abby on the plane...I couldn't imagine wearing anything that was difficult to move around in.  And good thing I was elbowing my husband and not some total stranger.  

Wearing our travel "uniforms"
Pack Extra Clothes
Pack extra diapers and wipes too...more than you think is necessary...but packing extra baby clothes is just as important.  You never know what might happen.  I was not expecting Abigail to soil, if  you will, two outfits on the way there but I'm SO glad I packed all the extra items I did.  We would have been pretty far up $hit's Creek (pun intended) had I not. 

Remain Calm
This may seem obvious, but don't underestimate the power of calm parents.  And I'm not just talking about remaining calm for baby...I'm talking about remaining calm for each other.  When Abigail blew out her diaper(s) and we were stuck in our seats due to turbulence, Travis and I took a few deep breaths...we could have started freaking out but had we done that, Abigail would have (more than likely) freaked out as well.  So we just laughed.  What else can you do? A baby doesn't have an "on-off" switch and they surely don't have a "don't-poop-too-much" switch either (though wouldn't that be a wonderful feature).

Work as a Team
Travis and I made a promise to each other before we traveled that we were going to work as a team because that's what it takes - a whole lot of teamwork.   And while I know you're not always able to fly with your full team (husband, wife, partner, Grandma, Grandpa, friend, or whomever your teammate(s) might be), be sure to work as one when you can.  Remember that you're only as strong as your weakest link and if Mommy's having a panic attack because baby's crying, your team is going to suffer...big time.

Our Team

In closing, I'd like to quote Nike for my final thought on traveling with a newborn...

"Just Do It"

It's an adventure, adventure that no new parent is ever fully prepared for...but that's just what parenthood is all about.  Are you ever really FULLY prepared?  If you're being honest with  yourself, I would think the answer would be "HECK NO."  But if you're the type of person who wants to continue living your life once kids enter the picture, get out there and continue doing what it is you enjoy.  

Everything will be OK...even if you're covered in poop by the end of your first flight.

As they say, $hit Happens. 


  1. How did the stroller work out?!

  2. Love the advice!! Glad you 3 had a good trip! Did you take the car seat onto the plane or check it when you were about to board?

  3. Veni, Vidi, Vici!!