Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things I DON'T Like to See...

I've said this before, but the combination of living in San Francisco and walking to work every day can really add some color to a person's life.  

And while most of the time I look like one of those crazies from a first-generation iPod commercial (you know the ones...dancing, skipping, singing, etc), there are definitely mornings where I'm stopped in my tracks either by something absolutely spectacular (gorgeous window displays, artwork, random acts of kindness), or by something much more eye-opening and sometimes even tragic or scary, like what I witnessed this morning.

Today started off as a "typical day" where I woke up, prepared breakfast with my husband (I'm in charge of "making" the cereal...he's in charge of the coffee...we're quite the team), and turned on the news...but this morning, instead of tuning into Brent and Laura making bad jokes (which we're most definitely guilty of laughing at), we saw  "BREAKING NEWS" flash across the screen. 

And while "BREAKING NEWS" on the newly re-branded "Today in the Bay" typically involves a cat getting stuck in a tree or a toilet seat misplaced in the middle of the freeway, today's news was actually significant - there was a 4-Alarm Fire in San Francisco only blocks away from our apartment.  Luckily, I haven't heard any reports of serious injuries, but 75 people were displaced from their homes.  Another thing to note is that in the event there were serious injuries, there's a hospital located around the corner from the fire (a positive to living in a City...).

Being that this 4-alarm fire occurred on my route to work, I decided to walk by and see it for looked like the entire San Francisco Fire Department was helping out - great work, everyone!  

Just another morning in San Francisco...I'm just thankful everyone is OK! 


  1. Oh no! Not Aces! Such a high quality establishment gone forever. For shame haha!

  2. Good to know everything is okay. I hate seeing tragedies in the city too.

  3. I was wondering where your fire pics were. Just saw this blog.
    Awesome pictures! Not only a writer, but a super photog too! :)