Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Abby's College Fund

I am a Planner. 

I am also a Saver. 

I get both of these characteristics from my Parents (and it doesn't hurt that my Dad is a CFO).  

Thanks to them, I've always had a piggy bank (yes, I still have one for loose change) and I've almost always understood the importance of saving (except for those stubborn teenage years when I thought nail polish was a wise investment).  

Also thanks to them, I was fortunate enough to have the ability to attend college and walk away from that experience debt-free (THANK YOU, Momma & Daddio!). 

And since I'm a planner and a saver and I want Abby (and her siblings) to walk away from College debt free like I did, I am looking into College Savings Accounts.  My goal is to have one set up within the month.  

After doing quite a bit of research today, I feel like I'm more confused than anything else.  

529 Plan...Stocks...Bonds...CDs...

If you have any thoughts, advice or suggestions for me, I'd love to hear 'em!  If you've been really happy (or disappointed) with a Savings Plan, I'm all ears!  And if I get the kind of feedback I got on my Registry questions, I will be a very happy Mommy-to-Be!

Oh...and and because I want Abby to become a planner and saver too, I might just have to find her a Piggy Bank like this one...who wouldn't want to save with something this adorable!?! 


  1. That is cute!
    College funds do seem confusing!
    Way to go though!

  2. We have the girls set up with 529's. And if I am not mistaken there is some kinda deal where it is better if the grandparents set it up instead of the parents.

  3. I don't know about a college fund since I don't have a child, but I will say...the piggy bank is so pretty anyone would have trouble "breaking the bank" so to speak