Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Registry: What to Register for?


Friends, Family and Followers (have you ever noticed that I always seem to address you like this when I need advice?)... 

Well today is no different - I need some serious advice! 

I know I owe you a Bump Report for Week 24 (I still can't believe I'm 6 months along), but right now there are more pressing matters at hand.  After having a totally fabulous dinner with some absolutely wonderful friends last night ("hi Michael and Lauren!") who asked a lots of awesome baby-focused questions, I realized that I'm sort of slacking in the baby preparation department. 

My focus has been on being healthy, on traveling as much as possible before it becomes a hassle, and on myself (because let's be honest, I only get to be selfish for a couple more months...) - what I haven't started is the huge laundry list of "To-Dos" that need to be accomplished before little Abby makes her grand entrance.

We haven't begun any decorating in the Nursery (other than coming up with the Pink & Panda concept); we haven't done any research on strollers or anything else baby-equipment related; and we most definitely have NOT started a Registry...

To be honest with you, I feel like we just finished registering for our Wedding (which is sort of the truth considering we were registering for that event around this time last year...).  More than that, I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is not one bone in my body that would qualify me as a "shopper."  Luckily, that's why I married my wonderful husband who enjoys shopping...even yet again, I will look to him for some much-needed motivation to get this Baby Registry under way...

But before we head out start making selections, we need HELP! 

We're seeking the following advice:
  1. STORES to Register at
  2. MUST-HAVE Products
  3. Products that you found USELESS and Overrated (and that we should therefore avoid)
  4. Lists that you found helpful
  5. Products that are nice to have around, but not necessary
  6. Nursery items that would help put a personal touch on Abby's room (nothing too terribly pricey, please!)
  7. Anything else that I'm not thinking of...
I will be anxiously awaiting your thoughts and advice - I can't wait to see what everyone recommends.

THANK YOU in advance!



  1. I think Diaper Genies are for chumps and wipe warmers are the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

    I a huge "less is more" kinda mom......I don't like my house looking like BRU took a big dump in it, ya know?

    A GOOD stroller is a must, IMHO (and obviously car seat). A baby carrier you wear, of some sort, is fantastic. Lots of dipes, lots of wipes, lots of burp cloths/recieving blankets are always nice to have handy.

    Don't buy the snot sucker that BRU sells.....get one from the hospital or a medical supply store.

    I'd invest in a decent ear'll get YEARS of use out of that.

    And, for what it's worth, I'm not a fan of infant car seats at all. They are so cumbersome and you almost never get a full years use out of them. With my last baby, we just bought a convertable and he's been in that since he was born. I won't have to change seats till he's about 4. Love it.

  2. MUST HAVE: A truly awesome armchair. I hated the glider rocking chair- it wasn't comfy. Get a true armchair, maybe one that rocks, maybe one that reclines fully, but love it. You'll spend a lot of time in it.
    I love my Diaper Genie II and am thankful for it constantly.
    Knit swaddling blankets (Babies R Us) are awesome, easy for dads to swaddle with, and when used with a flannel blanket, keep baby super warm.
    Avent bottles, a great pump (whether you work or not, so you can enjoy a date once in a while). Loved our Mam pacifiers, took them away at 9 months without a problem.
    Loved our Chicco travel system, the company is awesome. We had a bad car accident when my son was 2 wks and he was so safe; the company sent us a brand new system after the accident.
    Bumbo, loved it, at home, park, for feeding, etc.

    USELESS: Boppy pillow, used it once, hated it.
    Baby shoes until they move around - don't take the tags off. You'll return most of them.

    If your target has a good baby section, register there; I did both that and Babies R Us with first, I'm just doing Target this time. You can also register for furniture, storage, lighting, and lots of stuff that comes in cute "non-baby pastel" colors.

  3. Honestly, I wouldn't know much since we are still trying, but I will share the one thing my friend who had a baby 7 months ago shared with me. You don't need a changing table per se, a dresser with a changing pad (kind with higher sides and a buckle) works just as well and helps save money. Again...her advice not mine, but I thought I'd share. Good luck!

  4. - I wouldn't recommend a travel system. The stroller is so bulky and heavy. I recommend a snap n go. I registered for the snap n go, but someone got me the matching stroller to my carseat, so I have a travel system.

    - I love the swaddle me. My daughter doesn't sleep without with it usually.

    - I never use my diaper genie.

    - make sure you have plenty of receiving blankets. We go through so many.

    - Have a rocking chair that you love. You never know what nights you might be sleeping there with your little one on your chest. Also, something to be able to wear your baby, is helpful. Most babies like to be held a lot, which I didn't know.

    I registered at BRU and Target, both were great. Congrats!

  5. Get the book Baby Bargains. It's a total lifesaver and gives the pros and cons of all items and gives price ranges for all products. Jason had ours labeled with colored post it's so they he knew what section to read for strollers, bottles, carseats, etc. The book is amazing!!!

    Great things:

    -all Graco products. I agree with your friend...the travel system stroller is huge and too much....especially for city living. Go with the Graco Snap and Go. Its
    awesome! We have a Graco carseat, stroller, high chair, etc and love it.

    -don't buy a basinette. Abby will only sleep in it for a few months and they are expensive...borrow one from somebody.

    -wipe warmers are and I grew up with cold wipes on our butts and we are just fine!!

    -a GOOD breast pump by Medela, if you plan to breastfeed. I only pump now, so I own an amazing one. Email me for more info on this....mine is literally my best friend. I have a lot to say about this one.

    -Dr.Browns bottles are awesome!

    -get a LOT of receiving blankets and burp cloths. Kiersten uses about 7 burp cloths a day...its insane.

    -despite what you may hear, make sure you have some Newborn clothes, and take a set or two to them hospital when you go. She will wear them a lot those first few months, the 3 month clothes will be huge on her.

    -this last one is silly but fun....Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags are the BEST. They are so fun and so awesome!!! I highly recommend one!!

    I have more info if you want it, but I will spare your blog!

    Oh...and good stores for registering are Babies R Us, Target, PB Kids and Buy Buy Baby.

  6. I have 3 kids, ages 9, 7, and 2 1/2.. I had a changing table that ended up being used for storage and not for actually changing diapers. They take up too much room. I'd suggest just buying a changing pad and putting it on top of the dresser. I LOVE my Ju Ju Be baby bag. Check them out--WORTH the money! Avent bottles are awesome. Use cloth diapers as burp rags--they're made to soak up everything and work better than any actual burp rags I've ever seen. Medela pumps are the best by far. I had a diaper genie, but didn't like it. I loved my sleep wedges. All my kids slept best on their sides so I'd swaddle them, then lay them between the wedges on their sides and they slept really well (lay baby on left side to help with gassy-ness). Mylicon is liquid gold. Desitin is wonderful for butt rash.....the list goes on! Good luck!

  7. I can't get over how awesome all these responses are...thank you all so much! Great tips! :)

  8. Things we've found we don't use:

    Baby towels (we just use regular ones, Sam loves to bathe with me!)

    Bouncer: we don't really use the bouncer. We found if we want to plop Samantha somewhere we just cushion up her car seat or plop her in between the Boppy (A must even if your not breast feeding!

    Baby powder, you don't need it.

    Bottle warmer. IF your using formula you don't need a warmer. You'll only need it if you are pumping and are storing the milk in the fridge.

    Things you need:
    Pack and Play. It's awesome, you can keep it right by your bed so your baby can still feel you but is still in there own bed.

    Swing. This will save your life lol!

    Baby tub if you don't want to bathe with your baby.

    Lots of cute clothes :D

    Bottles, Bottle brush and Bottle drying rack.

    Oh you should get this...
    I love it!
    Sam has out grown her's so we need to get the large size.

    Ok I talked enough I hope this helps, you can always e-mail me for more info if you want :D