Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pregnant in Seattle: A BabyMoon Story

I say Pregnant in Seattle because it would be a complete and utter lie for me to say that we were Sleepless in Seattle...that was the most rest I've been able to enjoy in a long time.  

No big plans in the evenings + nowhere to be in the mornings = a happy Pregnant woman catching up on some much needed R&R. 

And let me tell you - it was fabulous!

The reason for our quick jaunt up to Seattle?  2-for-1 flight vouchers on party-airline Virgin America simply for attending a Giants game a couple months ago...what a brilliant promotion.  The only restrictions included booking by a certain time and flying by a certain time...done and done!  

Even though we could have selected other destinations, we wanted to head somewhere relatively close and somewhere we'd never been before as a Seattle it was.  And I must say - we were very happy with our selection! 

Not only did we catch up on sleep, but we spent quality time as a couple (well, and with Abby), spent quality time with friends, and spent quality time with family.  How much more could you ask for in a such a quick trip?!?

We were even fortunate enough to have had amazing weather on Saturday and weather that resembled San Francisco on Sunday...check out some pictures from our adventure!

Do you have any favorite special destinations???

On the way into Seattle - Stunning!

Four blocks away from our Hotel - nice work, Travis!

Love how perfectly everything is displayed

Honestly, I've never seen more amazing flowers for $5.00

This is just silly!

We stopped in at the very first Starbucks store on Pike

Here's our proof

Amazing seats at a Seattle Sounders game

Supporting the team in our new Sounders gear!

Taylor and Travis - old soccer teammates at Stanford

I told you the weather was amazing...

This is the view from our hotel room...perfection

Supporting Stanford...too bad they lost to the Ducks

Abby's first trip to Seattle

Almost 6 months along

The sunset view from our room...not bad either!

Yay for touristy pictures!

Visit with the fam!  Aunt Jess & Natalie came to see us!


  1. Too funny. I like your town and you liked mine (yup, I am a transplant Seattlelite :O)). Glad to see you guys supporting The Sounders and enjoying the city. Seattle does resemble San Francisco a bit in its natural beauty.

  2. I was totally at that Duck game... It was rough one for Stanford. I am a Duck fan, but I also love Stanford because everyone on my dad's side of the family went there.

    Also... did you just LOVE seattle??! I am going back up there in a few weeks to go to the UCLA/ Washington game. My boyfriend went to UCLA and he has been a trooper in his green and yellow this whole football season. Time for me to pay it forward! :)