Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things I DO Like to See...

On a lighter note, I wanted to share something else I saw on my walk to work this morning.

I have been drooling over one particular window display for weeks now...I can't say I'm crazy about the dress (or the hair for that matter), but I CAN say I'm madly in love with the boots.

For the life of me, I can't think of any occasion where I'd be able to confidently wear them and not feel like a fool (or feel like I'm dressing up as the lead character from Harry and the Hendersons for Halloween). 

Plus, being that I'm not a shopper and don't like to spend $$$, it would be difficult to justify the cost.

BUT!!!  Just for the heck of it, in the event I did own these boots, where on earth could I wear them?  Do you think a Preggo woman could pull them off?  I'd love to hear some ideas...


  1. Those boots are totally cool ... can you imagine how toasty your feet would be in them?! I think a pregnant woman could definitely get away with wearing them. The excuse: swollen feet --- it's all about comfort. No one can argue with that!

    (Seriously, though, some designers are crazy!)

  2. Well Alie, since I'm in the PNW now...those boots are yeti worthy! Personally I am sold on the beautiful background and colors. One thing is sure, the boots would keep you warm and you would be a standout anywhere...heck those boots might upstage the bump!

  3. The boots are crazy! Harry and the Hendersons is right :)

  4. If anyone could pull it off, you could! Don't ever regret what could have been. (Financing available, of course.)