Monday, April 11, 2011

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

OK, so she may be a little young for an official Take Your Daughter to Work Day, but Abigail and I ventured downtown last Friday to visit Daddy at work.

Not only did we get to meet and hang out with some of Daddy's awesome co-workers, but Abigail got to see her Daddy's new office and see the world through his eyes...

I so clearly remember visiting my Dad at work when I was a little girl...I attended the official Take Your Daughter to Work Day a few years in a row, but my absolute favorite visits were the casual ones.  The ones where I'd run around the halls and (probably) drive people crazy...well, the people who were actually trying to get work done.  

I was my Daddy's little buddy...sometimes I'd go in for an ENTIRE DAY and help him file papers (I wonder if that's when my intense organizational skills developed).  Sometimes I'd go in for an entire day and draw pictures on his giant white board (which was the absolute best part about his office...I think he had upwards of ten dry erase pen color options).  Sometimes I'd go in and say I'd help with filing but I'd really spend half the day at the vending machine (a novelty for an 8 year old who'd never seen such a thing in an enclosed house didn't have surely didn't either).  

All I know is that I thought my Dad's office was the coolest place to visit.  It was always an adventure and I thought my Dad was the most amazingly powerful dude around (and some things never change). It was a unique bonding experience that we shared and I know it helped make our relationship even's a special picture of the two of us from back in the day.

I think it's safe to say that Abby and I will be making many more visits to Daddy's office over the's an experience I hope she will enjoy just as much as I did.  

And while she may not remember this particular visit at only 2 months old, I have this sneaking suspicion that visiting Daddy during the day will soon become one of her favorite activities.  

Something tells me Daddy might be a fan those special days as well...

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  1. Very special times :)
    Great picture of you and your Daddio :)