Thursday, August 19, 2010

Squid's First Groupon Gift!

Squid just turned 17 weeks (in utero) and Groupon is already a part of his or her life - now that's what I like to call a high tech San Francisco fetus!  More importantly, Squid has the most thoughtful Daddy in the world who's always thinking of others... 

Knowing that Mommy's almost to the point of needing Maternity clothes (but holding off as long as possible!), Daddy sent Squid today's featured Groupon in hopes that he/she would take Mommy shopping.  

Maybe the gift will inspire Squid to start growing faster and will inspire Mommy to accept the fact that it's nearly time to trade in her skinny jeans (let's be honest - those definitely don't fit anymore) for some Mom jeans...

Thanks Daddy!!!


  1. Good job Travis! Although Ali I think you can rock the maternity skinny jeans all the way thru month 9 :). I know I certainly won't be able to give up my skinny jeans. Lots of love, Mindy

  2. Fyi i just saw on the news that SF is the third safest place to raise a kid.....who knew!