Monday, August 23, 2010

No North Face Needed...

For the first time in three months, I didn't need my North Face on my walk to work today. For those of you who live in San Francisco, you know this is a big deal...

While it feels like this opening should be written on a post dated in February after a long, frigid winter, it's sadly just August in San Francisco where June and July were two of the gloomiest months in years (here's some proof: Bay Area's Chilly Summer). And while this article states that the summer of 2010 hasn't been the Bay Area's coldest ever, it does point out that,"informal observers in San Francisco's supposedly sunny Mission District noted that only three of 30 mornings in July have been free of fog."  3 of 30...that means 27 of 30 mornings were foggy. And let's be honest, it's the so-called "informal observers" who are impacted the most by this weather. 

For lack of a better description, I've personally found San Francisco's weather this summer to be  downright depressing.  Being that I walk over 5 miles a day (meaning I'm outside for at least an hour and a half), I'm very in touch with day to day fog. And while I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, there have been days (albeit, really long days that were probably stressful at work as well), where I've walked into my apartment and just started crying (poor Travis doesn't know what to do with me!).  It's possible this has something to do with the hormones that have taken over my emotional state thanks to the pregnancy, but I'm convinced the weather overrides the hormones...

All I know is that North Faces shouldn't be necessary every day in the months of June, July & August; you shouldn't have to wear five layers and a beanie to a summertime Giant's game; and 75 degree days (that would be defined as an amazing day for those of you who don't live here) should NOT be as rare and surprising as they are here in San Francisco. 

But let me end this on a positive note - today, August 23rd, 2010, is the most amazingly beautiful day we've had in the City in months...and I, for one, cannot wait to go sit outside at lunch and burn my pasty white, San Francisco skin!

Here's a beautiful shot of the Golden Gate Bridge taken by one of my girlfriends, Jennifer, earlier this morning.  Thanks Jen!

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