Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peanuts & Pumpkins & Squids? - Oh My!

Don't you just want to snuggle up next to that guy and wrap its "eight arms...and two longer tentacles" around you?  Well, thanks to the fact that we nicknamed our baby "Squid," we get to do just that with the stuffed animal my Mom had shipped directly to Travis' office. (nice work, Mom!)

Now the little guy resides happily on the floor next to our bed (we'd consider allowing it up on the bed except for the fact that its over-sized plastic eyeballs don't exactly make for the coziest of pillows - seriously, check out the size of those things!).

Oh, and read that correctly...our baby's nickname is Squid. But I guess what you really want to know is how we missed the memo that most baby nicknames are inspired by food products (peanuts, pumpkins, beans, etc.)...and where on Earth Squid originated from?

Well, Squid was lovingly (and hilariously) nicknamed by Uncle Christopher.  After receiving the shocking and exciting news that he was going to be an Uncle, Christopher first asked a series of probing questions and then proceeded to flail his arms around (resembling some type of creature) when he suddenly proclaimed, "You're going to have a little Squid!"

And it was as simple as that. Squid stuck.

And you know what?  It's shockingly catchy and fun to say.  It even seems completely natural until, of course, you're talking to someone not quite in the loop yet.  Then it can get a little awkward because you're so thrilled about Squid, and the person you're talking to wants to be excited about Squid, but they don't exactly know who or what Squid is and therefore have no idea how to react. Luckily, that hasn't happened too many times and when it does, it's a pretty quick fix ("Squid is our baby. Obviously!").

Anyway, I wanted everyone to know why Squid's name is Squid because as of tomorrow, Squid will have a REAL name!  That's right, tomorrow is the big unveiling!

Is Squid a boy or a girl?  

What's your guess?  


  1. Squid is defintely a BOY! (but if it is a girl, we'll be just as happy)

  2. Yes, Mr. OfficeSpaceAdvisor - I agree 100%!

  3. OK Alison and Travis, I will be the first to go out on a limb (maybe a tentacle)and say that I think you will be having a boy. This guess is based on your 10 week ultrasound, which by the way, they say is too early to be able to tell the sex. Well, both Alison and I saw "something" and it was not the umbilical cord, as that was clearly located elsewhere. It is going to fun to see hear if what we saw is what we thought we saw :)
    Either way though, boy or girl, your child is going to be most dearly loved!

  4. we called ours "A" and "B"... not very original since that's what our doctors called them. Now they are Alyssa "Bean" and Kylie "Bear". I think boy also. But I thought ours were boys too, so maybe that means a girl. :)

  5. Squid, that's cute! I think squid is a boy.Congrats on the new little one! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. How funny... my mom was thinking the same exact thing and has been looking for quite a while for a stuffed animal squid to send you two!! The only ones we could find were hard and ugly-- little scary actually!! So happy Squid will have a soft snuggly squid to play with... maybe Squid might not mind "Squid" so much if he were a boy?? ...hmmm, well maybe that's not entirely true. :P

  7. Cograts and cannot wait to hear the results!!!