Tuesday, February 22, 2011

(UPDATE) Mommy Challenge #2: Meeting Other Mommies

Talk about anxiety...

Remember how excited I was about meeting other Mommies at my first Golden Gate Mother's Group event last week {refresh your memory here}?  Well, I almost missed the meeting...and it wasn't because Abby was crying or hungry or anything like that...it was simply because I was NERVOUS!!!

And not only was I nervous, it was the first time I was taking Abigail somewhere new...where I didn't know anyone...by myself...and where I didn't know what to expect...at ALL.

I felt like I was glued to the couch...crippled by new Mommy nerves...

Luckily, I have my Hubby.  My wonderful hubby who kindly told me to sack up and GO (he didn't use those words exactly, but I know that's what he meant).  So I did.  I peeled myself off the couch, loaded up the car with more gear than I needed (just in case), and successfully attended my first meeting.

Thankfully, my sweet daughter must have known how nervous I was because she kindly slept for two straight hours...she never made a peep...she slept beautifully and didn't wake up until we got home. What an angel.

But the best part about the evening (other than successfully overcoming my fears) was meeting other Mommies...talking to women who are going through the same things...and joining a group of ladies who will be meeting on a regular basis.

And as long as I can convince myself to sack up and GO, I'd say I'm making progress (and making new friends)...wish me luck!


  1. I am proud of you!!! Its so hard to go the first time, but so worth it! I was having flashbacks to my first time going to a Moms group, and sitting in the car for 20 minutes convincing myself to go inside. good job Mommy!!!

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback, Theresa! And yes, I had to motivate myself in order to get out of the car as well...too funny! :)