Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Panda Report: Birthday

Abigail was born at 1:37pm on 1.22.11, an absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon in San Francisco (not to mention the same day as my best friend's wedding that I was forced to was most definitely meant to happen that way).  

Let's just say she did not wait around to make her appearance (and for those of you who have requested a birth story, I will get to that soon!)...once she decided it was time to come out, she did everything in her power to get out!  I wonder what that says about her personality...

Anyway, once she arrived Mommy and Daddy wasted no time introducing her to her new best friend, Panda.  

Weighing in at 7 lbs even and measuring 21", here is Abigail's very first Panda Report photo shoot.

Abigail's birthday - 1.22.11 - Hanging out with my Panda and her Panda

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