Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Panda Report

Since I no longer have a Bump to report on every Thursday I figured I'd start a new report... 
The Panda Report

What exactly is The Panda Report?  

Well, I'm sure it'll evolve over time but for now the plan is to update you on Abigail's progress and include some pictures of how much she's growing (measured next to her Panda, of course...this idea was inspired by my cousin Nina who has a monthly photo shoot with her twins next to the same stuffed animals...check out her blog, Twinfinite Fun {HERE}).  What a fun way to see how much the girls are growing! 

Why Pandas?  I think most of you know (and thanks for all the tips and tricks as to where I can find more - I'm LOVING your feedback!), but in case you need a refresher {READ THIS}.

Be sure to keep up with The Panda Report to see how much our baby girl is growing! 

For now, let's play a little game called "Where's Abigail???"  

1 comment:

  1. So sweet, I miss Alexis that small. You're lucky that you can lay her down. Alexis had to be held 24 hrs. I still hold her for naps now, but she's fine at night. Enjoy her!